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Automotive Industry Services

Our firm has extensive experience helping companies relocating — particularly from overseas — find, acquire and develop industrial sites for production of materials supporting the automotive industry.

We have negotiated option agreements, contracts for the purchase of real property and incentive agreements with federal, state and local governments. The firm has represented businesses before federal, state and local boards regarding permitting and licensing applications.

Our attorneys assist our clients throughout the construction process, including negotiating project manager contracts, overseeing the bidding process, negotiating packages for general contractors and resolving change order and pay request disputes. We guide our clients through the state training and screening process. Our attorneys negotiate and draft supplier agreements.

We handle all labor and employment matters efficiently. Our attorneys handle all general corporate work involved in establishing a new business in Montgomery.

We have also developed a unique concept in which the firm assists the local manager by preparing a project information book. This provides project managers with all legal, regulatory and business documents in one book. This concept has been instrumental in allowing companies that are under tight deadlines to build or acquire a facility and have it fully operational for production on close schedules.

This value-added service ensures that project managers are aware of all the legal, governmental and regulatory requirements associated with opening an industrial facility in Alabama. The result is that neither time nor money is wasted by the company.

Through our experience with other automotive suppliers, we have tailored our services so that our top priority is to make it possible for our client to begin production as soon as possible with the utmost regard for quality, safety and cost-effectiveness.

At Slaten Law, P.C., we believe that, more than being lawyers who represent the interests of automotive suppliers, we are partners in their success and partners working to ensure their success. To learn how our firm can assist you, call us at 334-328-3894. You can also reach us by email.

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