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Is there a time limit for construction litigation?

After a construction project is substantially completed, landowners often perceive a gap between the work that was contracted for and how it was completed. When the landowner is dissatisfied with the results, or if the construction is dangerously flawed, and negotiations go nowhere, the customer might want to consider construction litigation. For the contractor, this can be an expensive and worrisome proposition with a defense necessary.

Construction litigation and reasons for legal liability

Construction is a significant part of the economy and landscape in Alabama and across the nation. When a public or private entity is having construction work, there are certain requirements for the work and its quality. The laws will protect them from defects and other issues that can arise due to errors by the company or its contractors. Similarly, construction companies - whether it is as a provider of services or an overseer that hires contractors - will be shielded from various accusations of legal violations.

How can toxic mold lead to construction litigation?

Construction problems are relatively common in Alabama and across the U.S. Some are benign and some are serious. Benign defects can usually be handled without the need to go to court or engage in an extended dispute. The more serious issues can lead to people becoming ill and even dying. One that is quite dangerous is toxic mold. People who are exposed to toxic mold might not be aware that they could have the right to file a lawsuit because of it.

Construction litigation and breach of contract

Construction companies in Alabama must be cognizant of the possibility that they will face a lawsuit for a breach of contract. Since people who hire a company to complete a construction project will have certain expectations as to how it will be completed, any issue related to what was in the contract should anything go wrong will be heavily scrutinized. These companies could have their reputation besmirched and face significant professional issues from these claims. Having legal assistance that understands breach of contract is critical.

Experienced representation for construction disputes

From start to finish, navigating the ins and outs of a construction project is a complicated matter. Whether you are a property owner entrusting a construction contractor to provide a quality structure or a contractor providing that quality work, there are many different agreements that must be handled properly to avoid disputes. Unfortunately, those disputes do come up from time to time.

What defects can lead to construction litigation in Alabama?

In Alabama, when there is construction work of any kind done, the expectation is that it will be done up to specifications and the work will be sound. However, there are often allegations from private and commercial customers that the contractors and construction companies did not complete the work as specified or there were defects with it. Whether it is from the perspective of the customer or the construction company, a case regarding construction issues requires experienced legal help. Knowing the various reasons why there might be assertions of construction defects is key.

Construction defects are the source of many legal disputes

The onion gets used a lot by way of analogy. If you've ever sliced into one, you know these bulbs have myriad layers. They can also bring you to tears. In this initial blog entry, we are offer the proposition that construction defect disputes are a lot like an onion.

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