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Possible trucking rules changes important for truck insurance

Passenger vehicles are perceived at risk of being in a truck accident and this can spark lawsuits and the need for insurance defense. A concern that drivers and insurers should be cognizant of is the potential for rules changes regarding how many hours drivers can spend on the road. This can be critical if there is a legal filing that requires a strong defense.

There is a movement for the Department of Transportation to be less strict regarding drivers and the time they can spend on the road without a break. Now, drivers must limit their time to 11 hours within a 14-hour time-frame. After that, they must spend 10 consecutive hours free of driving. They can then take to the road again. Truckers and truck companies have long sought to change the rules to grant truckers greater freedom. If drivers are not on the road, they are not making money. Although drowsy driving is worrisome, advocates of the rule changes say that it is a "one size fits all" rule when all drivers are different.

Bed bugs can lead to lawsuits for your pest control business

As a pest control professional, you have the certification, knowledge and experience to deal with infestations such as bed bugs. Unfortunately, you and others in your industry are dealing with many factors that make your job more difficult. For example, laypeople seem to have a distorted view of how dangerous bed bugs are. While someone with a severe allergy may need to see a doctor for a bed bug bite, in most cases, the tiny insects are mostly a nuisance.

Nevertheless, it is understandable that an Alabama hotel manager, business owner or homeowner would want to be rid of the pests. However, if you fail to communicate the goals of your treatment plan, your clients may have unreasonable expectations. This could lead to lawsuits that can be financially devastating as well as damaging to the reputation of your company.

New law changes landscape of business and commercial employment

Just as Alabama employees are encouraged to fight for their rights under the law, employers also have the right to defend themselves when they are accused of wrongdoing in the workplace. Today, any alleged workplace violation will inevitably result in a legal filing. While workers can take these steps if they feel they have been wronged, it is also imperative for employers to be protected. A new law that is soon to go into effect will make substantive changes to the reasons for which legal filings are brought. Companies must have business and commercial legal assistance to navigate these changing circumstances.

The new law is meant to make salaries fairer for employees. It also lets them file a lawsuit if they were confronted with discrimination, retaliation or dismissal due to wage inequality. This law is supposed to coincide with federal statutes to protect workers and prevent discrimination for any reason. Employers will not have the right to discriminate against prospective workers if the worker refuses to disclose his or her salary history.

Financial service companies need a business and commercial lawyer

Alabama companies that provide financial services to customers in the state and across the nation are an important aspect of the economy. This is true for individuals and for business and commercial entities. Businesses cannot survive without access to cash and services. Therefore, it is crucial to have banks, lenders, mortgage companies and more available to help businesses achieve their goals. These companies are increasingly focused on for legal compliance.

Often, allegations are made that illegal activity has taken place and it can cast a negative light on the business. Having legal assistance to ensure that the law is followed and to be protected in case there are assertions of wrongdoing is critical to the company remaining viable. If the cases go to litigation, there are many accusations that can be lodged. Mortgage fraud, lending irregularities, predatory practices, deceptive trade, foreclosure on a property that should not have been foreclosed upon, and more can warrant a lawsuit. Companies that were simply running their business and commercial company in an aboveboard way and were adhering to the law must have a defense against these claims.

Property reconstruction spurs business and commercial dispute

Business and commercial property reconstruction goes hand in hand in Alabama. There are multiple benefits to this not the least of which is that the projects will often provide significant employment to large factions of people. However, as with any large project, there are often issues in dispute. When there is an agreement regarding how land is to be utilized and that spirals into a back and forth between the parties, it is imperative that a law firm experienced in these matters helps to negotiate and smooth over contentious issues, if possible.

The redevelopment of a closed military installation in the state is the topic of dispute between a development authority and a defense contractor. The concern is that it is going to cost well-paying jobs. A decade ago, the then-governor approved the redevelopment of military installations that are no longer in use. One, closed 20 years ago, is the subject of this case. There has been a struggle to find people from the private sector to take part in the property. Included is a barracks. The defense contractor had agreed to a lease and had an option to purchase it. In that facility is an area were dogs are trained for law enforcement and the military.

Insurance will come to the forefront after fatal semi-truck crash

Semi-trucks are large, intimidating and travel at significant speeds across the road in Alabama and throughout the nation. While most drivers will adhere to the rules of the road and operate their rigs safely, there are often accidents that cause injuries and fatalities. Insurance is a critical need for companies and most are covered for any eventuality. Still, when there is a crash and a lawsuit is filed, a company will frequently need to have a legal firm that is experienced in assisting insurance companies with lodging a defense after an accident.

An afternoon crash between two semis led to the death of one driver and serious injuries to the other. At around 1:30 p.m. a 58-year-old man was driving one of the trucks and was heading north. Another truck heading south went over the median and crashed into the first truck. The driver suffered catastrophic injuries and was declared dead at the site of the accident. The other driver was hospitalized. After the collision, the trucks caught fire. According to the investigation, the truck that went into the opposite lanes had a blowout of one of its tires. The investigation is continuing.

Are you on the fence about spray foam insulation for your home?

Insulating your home provides you with numerous benefits when it works properly. It helps keep your utility bills lower, it provides sounds insulation and should keep critters out of your walls.

Deciding to put insulation in your home often represents the easiest part of the process. Thereafter, you need to choose the type you want in your home. You probably heard about the popularity of spray foam insulation. It does provide certain benefits, but it also has some potentially serious drawbacks that you need to know about before making your decision.

Owners and insurance companies need legal defense after dog bites

There is no doubt that many Alabamans are dog lovers. Having a dog as a pet is an enjoyable experience in myriad ways. However, there are risks with keeping any kind of pet. Even the tamest and best-trained animals can bite and cause injuries to others. Having insurance for these occurrences is a wise step. Still, when there is a dog bite and a person is injured or even killed, there is the likelihood that a lawsuit will follow. The plaintiff will have a legal professional to pursue the case. The insurance company and the dog owner should remember to do the same. This is critical after a dog attack.

Four pit bulls attacked an elderly woman and sent her to the hospital. According to neighbors, the 82-year-old woman was taken out of the area on a stretcher after the attack. A woman stated she saw the dogs and then saw law enforcement. Most stated they had never had an issue with dogs in the area. Two of the dogs were shot and killed by police. A third was wounded. The victim is expected to survive. The owner is being sought and there could be charges related to violating the state leash law and other violations. The investigation is continuing.

Is there a time limit for construction litigation?

After a construction project is substantially completed, landowners often perceive a gap between the work that was contracted for and how it was completed. When the landowner is dissatisfied with the results, or if the construction is dangerously flawed, and negotiations go nowhere, the customer might want to consider construction litigation. For the contractor, this can be an expensive and worrisome proposition with a defense necessary.

A question that is often asked centers around the statute of limitations to file a case. How long is too long for a customer to complain about a perceived problem in the construction? What if the customer does not discover the problem until after construction is completed and tenants have moved in?

Legal help with business and commercial pest control issues

Pest control can be a lucrative business in Alabama and across the nation. Because people are generally uninterested in having pests - mice, rats, roaches, termites, bedbugs and more - in their home, business or on their property, they will call for help from professionals in the business of pest control. Since business and commercial concerns in this area range from having the proper permits, using chemicals legally and drawing up agreements, pest control companies must be protected by having a qualified business and commercial law firm on their side.

This is always necessary when working in pest control, but it becomes even more vital if there are legal issues and claims against the company. With chemical exposure, the public will generally be sensitive to the individual rather than the company. The danger of chemicals is known and since they are needed to effectively end the pest problem, the company must use them. When allegations of exposure, a lack of safety procedures or other violations take place, having a defense is a must. The same is true when there are lawsuits related to termites and bedbugs. If a client says a company failed to control an infestation or made it worse, the entire business can be compromised.

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