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Construction litigation and breach of contract

Construction companies in Alabama must be cognizant of the possibility that they will face a lawsuit for a breach of contract. Since people who hire a company to complete a construction project will have certain expectations as to how it will be completed, any issue related to what was in the contract should anything go wrong will be heavily scrutinized. These companies could have their reputation besmirched and face significant professional issues from these claims. Having legal assistance that understands breach of contract is critical.

When an agreement is made and there are obligations the construction company must deliver the customer, the consumer might assert that the finished product did not adhere to the plans and specifications. If it is found in favor of the customer, the doctrine of substantial performance might lead to the builder needing to pay the contract price and subtract how much the property has declined in value because the builder did not adhere to the contract.

After dog bite incident, owners should raise insurance defense

When an Alabama resident is bitten by a dog that belongs to another person, the victim may attempt to hold the dog's owner responsible for the actions of the animal. That frequently means there will be a lawsuit. Insurance can shield a person or entity when there is a dog bite incident. Understanding the law in this situation and how to craft a defense against the allegations is essential to dealing with the case.

A woman was outside her home when she was attacked by two dogs belonging to a neighbor. The dogs - pit bulls - bit her as well as a passerby who was trying to stop the attack. The woman was hospitalized. Animal control took the dogs into custody. The wife of the dog's owner stated that the dogs have never acted that way. Others in the neighborhood have expressed concern about the dogs. There is a law in Alabama that makes it possible for people whose dogs attack and kill someone to be arrested on felony charges.

Experienced representation for construction disputes

From start to finish, navigating the ins and outs of a construction project is a complicated matter. Whether you are a property owner entrusting a construction contractor to provide a quality structure or a contractor providing that quality work, there are many different agreements that must be handled properly to avoid disputes. Unfortunately, those disputes do come up from time to time.

If you are a property owner and have put in the time and money to hire an experienced construction contractor to provide building services, you naturally expect the structure to be well-built. There are, however, situations in which construction contractors cut corners or do not complete the work with the quality control methods in place that are necessary to create a great product. In these situations, it is important to have experienced representation on your side to pursue a construction defect claim.

What could go wrong with spray foam insulation?

Insulation plays an important role in your home. Whether you decide to build, renovate or update a home, the type of insulation you use makes a difference in your utility bills, among other things. Spray foam insulation has been the popular choice of builders for decades now.

As its popularity increased, so did the presence of contractors who lack the appropriate experience to handle the job appropriately. Several things could go wrong with its use, and if you are aware of the potential issues ahead of time, you may avoid the pitfalls below.

Business and commercial irregularities spark firing and lawsuit

Any Alabama business, public or private, will inevitably be confronted with employer-employee disputes. These can be complicated and result in allegations that the employee was treated unfairly, discriminated against, harassed or faced other problems on the job. While these allegations must be taken seriously - especially in today's complicated climate - it does not necessarily mean that any assertion of employer wrongdoing are valid. Employees will have legal assistance in seeking compensation for their claims and employers must make certain they do the same and protect themselves. This is especially true when the allegations are especially egregious.

A former employee for an Alabama transit authority who was dismissed from her job because of alleged misuse of company funds for her own personal bills has filed a lawsuit alleging gender discrimination. The dismissal came after a two-month suspension. She was accused of using a company credit card to pay her power bill and for getting checks worth a total of $20,000 to pay for the costs of relocation. The case asserts that she was replaced in her job by a man who was less qualified and did not have the required experience to do the job.

What business entity will best fit your new small business?

Starting a small business is both an exciting and stressful time. There are so many decisions to make—how to market your product, what your logo will look like, and whether to hire staff. Before you make any of these decisions, you should consider how you want to structure your business. You should only make a business entity selection after you have examined the needs of your business and how you plan to operate.


Mediation may solve your business dispute more efficiently

Owning a business can be stressful, even when things are running smoothly. When disagreements arise, it can disrupt the company's ability to function and ultimately hurt the bottom line. Solving business disagreements quickly is in your company's best interests. If the dispute has long festered, it may seem like the time to pursue a lawsuit. However, lawsuits can take years, and a lawsuit certainly will not improve your relationship with a business partner.

Luckily, there is another option that may keep you out of court, save time and money, and potentially preserve your relationship with the other party.

What defects can lead to construction litigation in Alabama?

In Alabama, when there is construction work of any kind done, the expectation is that it will be done up to specifications and the work will be sound. However, there are often allegations from private and commercial customers that the contractors and construction companies did not complete the work as specified or there were defects with it. Whether it is from the perspective of the customer or the construction company, a case regarding construction issues requires experienced legal help. Knowing the various reasons why there might be assertions of construction defects is key.

When there is an issue in anything related to construction - how it was planned, designed, supervised, inspected, observed or constructed - it can be the basis for a lawsuit. This can include the structural integrity of the project; mechanical issues; electrical issues; water intrusion; moisture protection; problems with the glass, windows and doors; and much more. When considering a court case, the court will generally assess deficiencies in material, design, subsurface and construction.

Construction defects are the source of many legal disputes

The onion gets used a lot by way of analogy. If you've ever sliced into one, you know these bulbs have myriad layers. They can also bring you to tears. In this initial blog entry, we are offer the proposition that construction defect disputes are a lot like an onion.

Because of the many parties involved in the construction process there are many opportunities for disputes to develop. To be sure that the end product matches the specifications of the designer and the requirements of the local building code, multiple contracts are essential. Even then, issues arise. Whether you are the ultimate consumer or a service provider, you need to be confident about your legal options in the event of problems.

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