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Business and commercial student loan collection sparks lawsuit

Collecting on outstanding debt is not an easy situation for Alabama and national companies to be in, but if an individual or a business entity owes money for a loan and is not paying it, the company has the right to seek payment. For some debtors, however, they will try to prevent the necessary - and legal - contact from taking place in a variety of ways. One is to file a lawsuit alleging illegality and harassment. For business and commercial entities whose foundation is collecting these debts, it is imperative to defend against these claims so they can continue seeking to recover what is owed.

A woman has filed a lawsuit against a loan company for its continuing calls to collect on her student loan payments. According to her, the company made more than 200 calls in trying to collect on the debt. The case was filed in Alabama where the woman resides and teaches special education. She says that the law was violated after she requested that the company stop calling her and she was not able to pay the debt. The woman went to school in Georgia. The calls were made automatically. Her filing says she requested that they stop last autumn. However, the calls continued with as many as three per day. The claim accuses the company of violating the consumer protection law against automated and telemarketing calls.

Responding to requests for workplace accommodations

When an employee comes to you and requests accommodations for a disability, you may have more questions than answers. Naturally, if your employee's disabling condition is obvious, you may have taken steps on your own to provide what he or she needs to complete the job successfully. However, not every disability is visible, and you may wonder how far your responsibility goes.

Under the rules in the Americans with Disabilities Act, people with disabling conditions have special rights that protect them from discrimination at every stage of their employment. Having a good understanding of what this means can protect you from claims of discrimination when your employee asks you to adapt the work environment to his or her needs.

Walmart face backlash amid business and commercial complaints

Running a business in Alabama and across the nation is never easy and tough decisions sometimes need to be made. Unfortunately, some of those decisions result in employees either being marginalized or eliminated altogether. While this might seem discriminatory and warrant a business and commercial lawsuit on the part of the workers who will want to be compensated, it does not necessarily mean any wrongful acts have taken place, nor were they violations of the law. No matter the size of scope of a business, having legal assistance to defend against allegations of illegality is critical.

People who work as greeters at Walmart are complaining that their jobs are being phased out by the company and the workers are being offered other jobs. Many of the workers are disabled and cannot do certain jobs, prompting complaints about discrimination, at least one lawsuit and threats of others. Many of the greeters are suffering from conditions that make it nearly impossible for them to do other jobs. The changes began in 2016 when the company altered the responsibilities of the greeters and reclassified them as "hosts." They had greater responsibilities than what greeters were obligated to do.

Categories and permits for business and commercial pest control

Just like any other state where there are people, businesses, structures and farmland, it is inevitable that there will be pests. These can be mice, rats, roaches, termites, fleas, ticks and much more. They can indoors or outdoors. All can cause personal, medical and financial problems. To combat this, people will contact pest control companies. This can be a lucrative business and commercial endeavor for those who have the proper permits, but there can be problems with regulatory agencies if there is a dispute over whether those permits were acquired, examinations were taken and other legalities were addressed.

For pest control companies who are starting out, are already established and concerned about permits or are facing legal problems due to a failure to get them, a law firm that helps those with pest control concerns is a must. The law calls for pest control companies to understand their categories, pass an examination and have the requisite qualifications to do the work.

Business and commercial lawsuit targets gas prices in Alabama

When a company is in business and seeking to expand, it is unavoidable that disputes will erupt. For those who are entering the market in Alabama, it is imperative to have legal protection when dealing with certain issues that are independent to the state. Because competition is so fierce in a variety of industries, prices will play a large role in drawing customers. This is critical with a business that is new in the state. For entities that are dealing with a business and commercial dispute over prices, it is vital to understand the state laws and have a viable shield when confronted with a legal filing.

A federal lawsuit has been filed because a Texas-based company expanded into Alabama and posted illegal prices for its gasoline. The filing states that the company did not adhere to a rule that has been in place for more than three decades. The company that filed the case has asked that the pricing tactics stop while it is pending. The basis of the 1984 law was to stop large oil companies from providing gas at prices lower than it costs for purchase and transport to a retailer. Other companies have filed similar lawsuits in the state.

Alabama truck driver risks should concern insurance companies

While Alabamans and people across the nation might equate the dangers of a truck accident with people in smaller vehicles being injured and killed in a crash with a semi, truckers are also in frequent danger simply by doing the job. Some jobs are riskier than others and those in the transportation industry face potential problems whenever they head out on the road. After an accident, those who are injured or lose a loved one will seek compensation for what they have lost. This requires dealing with an insurance provider. However, what if the claims do not fit in with the accident?

Since Alabama is one of the seven states that pose the greatest potential danger to truckers, insurers should be prepared for inevitable claims and defend against them if they are inaccurate or outright wrong. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that 2.4 percent of road deaths involve truckers. However, some states have a much higher percentage. Alabama is at 3.6 percent of road fatalities.

The adverse relationship between bugs and spray foam insulation

Living in the country's Southern states comes with numerous benefits, but it also comes with bugs. The climate seems to increase their presence when compared to other parts of the country. More than likely, this is a primary reason why you started a pest control company here in Alabama.

One of the pervasive bug problems in this area of the country is termites. These wood-eating bugs can wreak havoc on a home, and when clients call you, they expect you to fix the problem right away. Unfortunately, you could encounter problems when spray foam insulation gets in the way of your inspection and treatment.

Construction litigation and reasons for legal liability

Construction is a significant part of the economy and landscape in Alabama and across the nation. When a public or private entity is having construction work, there are certain requirements for the work and its quality. The laws will protect them from defects and other issues that can arise due to errors by the company or its contractors. Similarly, construction companies - whether it is as a provider of services or an overseer that hires contractors - will be shielded from various accusations of legal violations.

When there is a belief that there were construction defects on a project, it is important for all involved to understand the various aspects of the law regarding these issues and what constitutes a violation. Legal help is critical. With legal liability, the concerns are negligence, breach of contract, breach of warranty, strict liability and fraud and negligent representation.

Businesses can benefit from ADR

When an Alabama business and commercial entity is dealing with a dispute, one of the first thoughts is that they will need to prepare for litigation. While that is the case in many circumstances, it does not necessarily need to be so. There are many cases where it is possible to negotiate and avoid litigation. This is where alternative dispute resolution (ADR) comes in. For employers who would like to try this strategy and all it entails, it is crucial to have legal assistance from a qualified business and commercial law firm.

With ADR, the participants are encouraged to discuss the case and try to avoid long-term and costly disputes. It can even help them salvage the relationship and continuing doing business together if that is what they choose to do. There are various types of ADR, but the most common are mediation, arbitration and collaborative law.

Business and commercial lawsuit alleges sale illegally scrapped

Business and commercial agreements for the sale of property can be complicated in Alabama. When there is a company that seeks to purchase and develop land or redo an established building or area, there are many issues that can crop up to cause problems or to outright ruin the deal. While the complainant with what sounds like a reasonable position as to why they are filing a claim might seem to be in the right, the defendant could also have a viable argument. Having legal defense is imperative to those who are confronted by a lawsuit and an experienced law firm is critical toward that end.

A lawsuit was filed in Alabama asserting that a federal utility in Tennessee has blocked the sale of an unfinished nuclear power facility. They assert that blocking the sale was illegal. The developer states that the Tennessee Valley Authority breached the contract when it did not allow a sale that had been previously negotiated to continue. The bid of more than $110 million was accepted in an auction from 2016. The sale was set to close soon. However, TVA stated that the buyer needed to have approval from a U.S. regulatory agency and that was not granted.

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