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Business and commercial irregularities spark firing and lawsuit

On Behalf of | May 31, 2018 | Business & Commercial, Firm News |

Any Alabama business, public or private, will inevitably be confronted with employer-employee disputes. These can be complicated and result in allegations that the employee was treated unfairly, discriminated against, harassed or faced other problems on the job. While these allegations must be taken seriously – especially in today’s complicated climate – it does not necessarily mean that any assertion of employer wrongdoing are valid. Employees will have legal assistance in seeking compensation for their claims and employers must make certain they do the same and protect themselves. This is especially true when the allegations are especially egregious.

A former employee for an Alabama transit authority who was dismissed from her job because of alleged misuse of company funds for her own personal bills has filed a lawsuit alleging gender discrimination. The dismissal came after a two-month suspension. She was accused of using a company credit card to pay her power bill and for getting checks worth a total of $20,000 to pay for the costs of relocation. The case asserts that she was replaced in her job by a man who was less qualified and did not have the required experience to do the job.

Having employees can be difficult regardless of the business and commercial entity. When there are problems with the employee such as financial irregularities, the employer has the right to investigate the case and dismiss the employee if any violations are shown to be accurate. Employees might then decide that they will make claims that they were mistreated as a response and try to either get their job back, receive compensation, or both. There are strategies that employers can use to settle these disputes without going to court with help from an experienced business law firm. Or, if it is necessary to go to court, it is also wise to have legal assistance from a law firm that is skilled at representing businesses and their interests.

In this case, a woman alleges that she was dismissed due to her gender even though the situation appears to stem from her misuse of funds. Companies will often face these issues and it is imperative to understand how to lodge a defense. Contacting an experienced business and commercial law firm is a must.