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After dog bite incident, owners should raise insurance defense

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2018 | Firm News, Insurance |

When an Alabama resident is bitten by a dog that belongs to another person, the victim may attempt to hold the dog’s owner responsible for the actions of the animal. That frequently means there will be a lawsuit. Insurance can shield a person or entity when there is a dog bite incident. Understanding the law in this situation and how to craft a defense against the allegations is essential to dealing with the case.

A woman was outside her home when she was attacked by two dogs belonging to a neighbor. The dogs – pit bulls – bit her as well as a passerby who was trying to stop the attack. The woman was hospitalized. Animal control took the dogs into custody. The wife of the dog’s owner stated that the dogs have never acted that way. Others in the neighborhood have expressed concern about the dogs. There is a law in Alabama that makes it possible for people whose dogs attack and kill someone to be arrested on felony charges.

Those who are confronted with allegations similar to these must remember their right to defend themselves. In many instances, negotiation can preclude a legal filing. In some instances, the person bitten might have provoked the animal in some way. The person who was bitten could have been a trespasser. Or, the person could have been on the owner’s property or was chased off by the animal.

When a person is bitten by a dog, the owner or the insurance company that is representing the owner should make certain they do everything they can to defend themselves and avoid a long, drawn out legal fight. A law firm that has experience in insurance and defending those accused of owning a dog that bit another person can help.