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Experienced representation for construction disputes

From start to finish, navigating the ins and outs of a construction project is a complicated matter. Whether you are a property owner entrusting a construction contractor to provide a quality structure or a contractor providing that quality work, there are many different agreements that must be handled properly to avoid disputes. Unfortunately, those disputes do come up from time to time.

If you are a property owner and have put in the time and money to hire an experienced construction contractor to provide building services, you naturally expect the structure to be well-built. There are, however, situations in which construction contractors cut corners or do not complete the work with the quality control methods in place that are necessary to create a great product. In these situations, it is important to have experienced representation on your side to pursue a construction defect claim.

On the other side, not all claims of construction defects are necessarily legitimate. If you are a construction contractor and have provided the quality work you pride yourself on, it is important to have experienced defense on your side to fight back against these claims.

Slaten Law, P.C., pursues defect claims for property owners and also provides defense for construction contractors facing accusations of corner cutting and subpar work. Because we handle both sides of the coin, our team of attorneys are experienced with the ins and outs of every angle of the dispute. With this knowledge on your side, you will be able to move forward knowing you have a solid plan of legal action in place. For more information, please visit our construction litigation page.