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Business and commercial lawsuit pursues plumbing company

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2018 | Business & Commercial, Firm News |

Business entities in Montgomery should realize that providing products and services to the public as a way of making a living can leave them in a position where they might face accusations of wrongdoing. If it is an allegation that as part of doing business, they engaged in various forms of illegality, it can be severely damaging to their reputation and, in fact, ruin the business entirely. With that, having a strong defense against a business and commercial lawsuit is key to maintaining both business operations and a positive reputation in the community.

A plumbing company that was alleged to have committed various illegal acts has been hit with a restraining order to stop them from operating. The judge in the case issued the restraining order because the company is accused of overcharging its customers and for starting major projects before informing and being approved to do so by customers. There were numerous defendants in the lawsuit filed by the state attorney general. According to the A.G., there were 33 people who were victimized by these practices.

The company is accused of not giving estimates to customers when they were requested; for charging excessive prices that went beyond what the estimates were; claiming that major repairs were required when they really were not; and beginning work before getting the go-ahead from customers. In addition, they are accused to exerting pressure on customers get loans. One alleged incident involves a loan being taken out in a customer’s name without getting approval to do so. The state is seeking a $1.4 million fine for the defendants and almost $120,000 to compensate victims.

Few things are more terrifying for a business than a lawsuit from the state government making allegations of illegal behaviors. This can result in the entire business coming undone and leaving the owners with no chance at recovery. Regardless of the allegations, every business and commercial entity needs a strong defense. A law firm that specializes in providing a defense for Alabama businesses, no matter what they are accused of, is integral to a case and should be called for a consultation immediately.