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Insurance defense might be necessary after trucker death

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2018 | Firm News, Insurance |

It is always a terrible occurrence when there is a fatality in a truck accident in Alabama. Regardless of whether it is a person who was in the crash with the truck or the driver was injured and killed in an accident while at work, there will likely be a claim to receive compensation for all that was lost. Companies are undoubtedly sympathetic to the family that has been affected or lost a loved one, however, that does not mean they should shun a strong defense to an insurance claim against them. Having legal assistance that has experience in insurance-related cases is critical to lodging that defense.

An accident in a parking lot led to the death of a truck driver. The incident occurred at approximately 5 a.m. after which the trucker, 56, was found pinned under his truck. According to the investigation, the driver is believed to have been doing something outside of the vehicle when it started rolling. He is thought to have tried to get back into the vehicle to stop it when he ended up under it and was run over. The investigation is ongoing.

When there is a trucking accident and there are injuries and fatalities, the first response on the part of the family is to think about who is responsible for it. This can result in a legal filing and a court case to seek compensation. If, however, the individual who was operating the truck was the one who was injured or killed and it is believed to have been an error on that person’s part that led to the incident, the insurance company will need a defense against a lawsuit and a large award. Having legal assistance with investigating the case and perhaps coming to a settlement is preferable to a drawn out legal battle.

In this incident, a truck driver is believed to have fallen under his vehicle as it was rolling. Unfortunately, he died. The case is still being studies and as it moves forward, the company and its insurer must remember they need to protect themselves. A law firm experienced in accidents and insurance after truck accidents can assist with coming to an agreeable resolution to this case.