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Business and commercial entities must defend employment claims

| Nov 1, 2018 | Business & Commercial, Firm News |

Alabama employers, public and private, can be confronted with a variety of employment-related issues as they conduct business. For example, when an employee is dismissed from a job or faces some level of sanction, the current political climate might bring forth the impression that the employer is automatically wrong and the employee has the right to file a claim and be compensated. That is not necessarily the truth and it is vital for the public and private business and commercial entities to have legal assistance to defend against the charges for the good of the business.

An engineering professor at Auburn University has filed a lawsuit against the school. According to his case, the man faced discrimination due to national origin and race. The case was filed after he asserted other workers did not want him to be the chair of a department. They were Caucasian and he claims that sparked their reluctance. He says he was called names, subjected to racial epithets, and excluded from group meetings and email communication. The lawsuit states that the faculty had tried to stop him from being hired in the first place.

Having been born in Lebanon, the man became a U.S. citizen more than two decades ago. He was a professor in advanced aerospace engineering and had previously worked at the University of Tennessee. Two years ago, he was told that there were other employees who did not like his style of management. He was faced with two alternatives and in both he would be replaced as the department chair. He signed a letter of resignation that had been crafted for him. The university has declined comment on the case.

These cases can not only negatively impact a business in the financial sense, but it can lead to a negative perception in the community and hinder it in the future. This is especially true when there are allegations of discrimination that led to the issues. Employers are within their rights to make hiring and firing decisions as they see fit. For many employees, they might perceive that to be discriminatory when it really was not. A law firm that has experience in public and private business and commercial cases can help with the defense of such a case. All businesses should have legal help and call an attorney when dealing with a legal filing.