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Woman files employment business and commercial lawsuit

Employment lawsuits are commonplace in Alabama and they stem from a litany of complaints. There could be wage issues, sexual harassment, mistreatment, or a failure to promote when a worker feels he or she was justified in gaining upward mobility. While many of these cases are due to the employer not obeying the law, there are times when workers are seeing illegality where it does not exist. Or there could have been a disagreement for which the employer was perfectly allowed to take its position. When an employer – public or private – is facing these allegations from an employee, a former employee or a prospective employee, contacting a business and commercial law firm is essential.

A school employee asserts race hindered her promotional opportunities in the school system. The woman, who is African-American, filed a case saying that the Civil Rights Act was violated. She had a job as a Title I Facilitator at a local school board. She has certification to work in public schools as an administrator and to be an assistant principal. She holds a master’s degree as well as other certifications. According to her, she filed applications for nearly 20 positions in the system over the past seven years. She did not get any of the jobs and white people got all of them.

She complained to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in July 2018 regarding jobs she sought that she did not get including one as a reading coach. She also says that not getting these jobs prevented her from a better salary, increased responsibilities and other benefits. A request has been made to the court that she be given a job as an assistant principal or a job as a reading coach with seniority from the date of her application. In addition, she wants to receive damages.

There is no doubt that discrimination and other negative treatment takes place in many jobs. However, just because a person has certain credentials and seeks a job does not mean that the failure to give that person the job was based on discrimination or some other illegal workplace behavior. When a business or entity is accused of these violations, it can tarnish a reputation and hinder the entire structure. A law firm that is experienced in providing business and commercial defense can help with combating the case.