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Categories and permits for business and commercial pest control

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2019 | Business & Commercial, Firm News |

Just like any other state where there are people, businesses, structures and farmland, it is inevitable that there will be pests. These can be mice, rats, roaches, termites, fleas, ticks and much more. They can indoors or outdoors. All can cause personal, medical and financial problems. To combat this, people will contact pest control companies. This can be a lucrative business and commercial endeavor for those who have the proper permits, but there can be problems with regulatory agencies if there is a dispute over whether those permits were acquired, examinations were taken and other legalities were addressed.

For pest control companies who are starting out, are already established and concerned about permits or are facing legal problems due to a failure to get them, a law firm that helps those with pest control concerns is a must. The law calls for pest control companies to understand their categories, pass an examination and have the requisite qualifications to do the work.

To control organisms that destroy wood, the applicant must pass the examination to control termites, fungi, beetles and other organisms that destroy wood in structures and adjacent areas using methods that go beyond fumigating the area. Household pests include roaches, ants, rodents in structures and adjacent areas. With fumigation pest control, the company and its workers must know the legal requirements to apply fumigants to at least one room in the structure, to the entire structure, in an enclosed space and for the appropriate amount of time to control the problem. If there is an ornamental pest control with trees of any kind and turf, the prevention, control and eradication of these pests must be known and adhered to.

Controlling pests and the law that regulates it can be complicated. If there are claims of wrongdoing on the part of the pest control company and people claim they were exposed to termites, bedbugs and chemicals; if there are concerns about regulatory issues; if companies are seeking to merge with other companies; or if there are transactional issues, legal assistance from a law firm that understands all areas of business and commercial concerns with pest control should be contacted for help.