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Business and commercial student loan collection sparks lawsuit

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2019 | Business & Commercial, Firm News |

Collecting on outstanding debt is not an easy situation for Alabama and national companies to be in, but if an individual or a business entity owes money for a loan and is not paying it, the company has the right to seek payment. For some debtors, however, they will try to prevent the necessary – and legal – contact from taking place in a variety of ways. One is to file a lawsuit alleging illegality and harassment. For business and commercial entities whose foundation is collecting these debts, it is imperative to defend against these claims so they can continue seeking to recover what is owed.

A woman has filed a lawsuit against a loan company for its continuing calls to collect on her student loan payments. According to her, the company made more than 200 calls in trying to collect on the debt. The case was filed in Alabama where the woman resides and teaches special education. She says that the law was violated after she requested that the company stop calling her and she was not able to pay the debt. The woman went to school in Georgia. The calls were made automatically. Her filing says she requested that they stop last autumn. However, the calls continued with as many as three per day. The claim accuses the company of violating the consumer protection law against automated and telemarketing calls.

It is easy to sympathize with people who are either having financial trouble, believe there is a violation of the law against harassment taking place, or a combination. Still, companies that have made loans make their business based on collecting on the debt. If a person is not paying, then the company can seek to recover in ways that are within the law. For a business that is confronted with a lawsuit based on allegations that there were violations, it can negatively impact their ability to collect. Having legal help is a must for these companies.

Whether it is a large or small entity, a company that has made student loans, personal loans, mortgages, auto loans or business-to-business loans can seek to receive payment for what is owed. If they do not, they can adhere to the law to contact the company or individual to get payment. When there is a lawsuit filed to put a stop to it, the business and commercial entity has the right to defend its interests. To do so, having a law firm that specializes in business law from the company’s perspective is essential.