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Owners and insurance companies need legal defense after dog bites

On Behalf of | May 3, 2019 | Firm News, Insurance |

There is no doubt that many Alabamans are dog lovers. Having a dog as a pet is an enjoyable experience in myriad ways. However, there are risks with keeping any kind of pet. Even the tamest and best-trained animals can bite and cause injuries to others. Having insurance for these occurrences is a wise step. Still, when there is a dog bite and a person is injured or even killed, there is the likelihood that a lawsuit will follow. The plaintiff will have a legal professional to pursue the case. The insurance company and the dog owner should remember to do the same. This is critical after a dog attack.

Four pit bulls attacked an elderly woman and sent her to the hospital. According to neighbors, the 82-year-old woman was taken out of the area on a stretcher after the attack. A woman stated she saw the dogs and then saw law enforcement. Most stated they had never had an issue with dogs in the area. Two of the dogs were shot and killed by police. A third was wounded. The victim is expected to survive. The owner is being sought and there could be charges related to violating the state leash law and other violations. The investigation is continuing.

When there is a dog attack, it is natural to blame the owner and the animals. With that, there will be an automatic reaction for the owner and insurer to be ordered to pay compensation to the victim. If the victim is a vulnerable person like a child or the elderly, it is even worse for the owner and insurer. Despite that, it is vital to have a defense in the case. The animal might have been provoked in some way or the victim could have been on the person’s property without permission. Although it is a terrible occurrence when someone is injured in a dog bite incident, the owner and insurer should still craft a defense.

In many cases, it might be preferable to offer a settlement to conclude the legal filing. In others, there could be a justification to defend against the charges and protect the insurer and the owner from any liability. No matter what, when there is a dog attack and the individual and the insurance company faces a legal filing, having a law firm that is experienced in dog bite cases should be called immediately.