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Property reconstruction spurs business and commercial dispute

On Behalf of | May 31, 2019 | Business & Commercial, Firm News |

Business and commercial property reconstruction goes hand in hand in Alabama. There are multiple benefits to this not the least of which is that the projects will often provide significant employment to large factions of people. However, as with any large project, there are often issues in dispute. When there is an agreement regarding how land is to be utilized and that spirals into a back and forth between the parties, it is imperative that a law firm experienced in these matters helps to negotiate and smooth over contentious issues, if possible.

The redevelopment of a closed military installation in the state is the topic of dispute between a development authority and a defense contractor. The concern is that it is going to cost well-paying jobs. A decade ago, the then-governor approved the redevelopment of military installations that are no longer in use. One, closed 20 years ago, is the subject of this case. There has been a struggle to find people from the private sector to take part in the property. Included is a barracks. The defense contractor had agreed to a lease and had an option to purchase it. In that facility is an area were dogs are trained for law enforcement and the military.

The defense contractor had an agreement for significant upgrades costing $1.4 million. It was to be purchased as time passed. However, the company is in a battle with the development authority. With that dispute, the purchase agreement was rejected. The parties have had a breakdown in negotiations along with an effort on the part of the contractor to come to an agreement and save the jobs that would be potentially lost if the deal falls through completely. The development authority has refused to budge and agreed to donate 900 acres for horse trails. Other companies are not stepping forward with job offers if the defense contractor backs out. Plans for further negotiations are scheduled.

Jobs are only part of the story with a business negotiation, especially with something as complex as major land redevelopment. There are many legal ramifications and entities that must be dealt with in these large agreements. It can grow contentious and problematic if everyone is not on the same page. Before entering into the agreement or as problems arise, all parties must have experienced legal representation from a law firm that understands business and commercial law in all its aspects. This is a critical part of the process and calling for advice from the start is key.