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New law changes landscape of business and commercial employment

Just as Alabama employees are encouraged to fight for their rights under the law, employers also have the right to defend themselves when they are accused of wrongdoing in the workplace. Today, any alleged workplace violation will inevitably result in a legal filing. While workers can take these steps if they feel they have been wronged, it is also imperative for employers to be protected. A new law that is soon to go into effect will make substantive changes to the reasons for which legal filings are brought. Companies must have business and commercial legal assistance to navigate these changing circumstances.

The new law is meant to make salaries fairer for employees. It also lets them file a lawsuit if they were confronted with discrimination, retaliation or dismissal due to wage inequality. This law is supposed to coincide with federal statutes to protect workers and prevent discrimination for any reason. Employers will not have the right to discriminate against prospective workers if the worker refuses to disclose his or her salary history.

In the past, employers could ask candidates what they earned before. This could be used to determine how much to offer and that offer could be less than it would otherwise have been if they were unaware of the previous salary. The position will have a salary range and the person seeking the job can refuse to answer questions about past wages. Human resources professionals believe that this is a better way for employers to decide on the salaries they will pay.

Despite the good intentions of this law, it can cause problems for employers who decide not to hire a person and find themselves on the receiving end of a lawsuit even if the salary issue was not a factor. When there are concerns about wages, other employment issues and the possibility of lawsuits, having legal advice is a must. A law firm that helps business and commercial entities must be called for advice on this new law and any other employment situation that comes up.