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3 mistakes your contractor could make when insulating your home

On Behalf of | Oct 21, 2019 | Business & Commercial |

The insulation in your home is something you probably do not think about often. You never see it or have to deal with it. However, if there is something wrong with it, then it becomes a huge focus for you. You will soon realize that it is essential to have good insulation in your home in Alabama to protect it and your family.

According to Retrofoam, when your contractor built your home and installed the insulation, he or she should have taken the time to choose the correct type and ensure proper installation of the insulation. If he or she did not take one of those steps, you will probably see problems surface. Here is a look at three mistakes your contractor could have made that will cause you trouble in the future.

  1. Improper installation

When a contractor does not properly ensure there is an air seal during installation, it can allow air leaks that increase your energy bills. Not only that, but it also can allow for condensation inside and outside of your walls.

  1. Lack of window or door seals

During the installation of your windows and doors, your contractor should have put in proper insulation to seal the areas around them. If he or she did not do this, you will end up with air leaks, which waste money and energy. You may also have to have unsightly fixes or undergo major repairs to fix the issue.

  1. Using closed cell spray foam

If your contractor used closed cell spray foam to insulate your home, there will most likely be a problem with the insulation not adhering properly. It becomes very stiff, so as your home settles, it could pull off the studs and leave gaps.

Insulation issues should not happen if your contractor is dedicated to doing a good job. Cutting corners or trying to rush through the project could lead to these issues, though. It is important that you do not let them go and hold the contractor responsible for fixing any mistakes.