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How can construction defects attract pests?

On Behalf of | Mar 4, 2020 | Construction Litigation |

In Alabama, there are plenty of pests just waiting for the chance to get into your home. Certain things make your home more susceptible to these pests than others, as well. Today we will look at some of the issues that may be attracting termites, ants and other unwanted bugs into your home.

First, we will look at construction defects that may cause these issues. These defects all revolve around one thing: introducing moisture into the home. Most pests need a moist environment to live. They need water just like every other living creature. If your home is dry and they cannot access water fast, they are not likely to stick around long.

But pests do not need a lot of water to live, either. If you have just one leak, this could be enough, even if it is small. Therefore, construction defects affecting moisture conditions in any way can be dangerous. For example, if doors and windows are not sealed well, moisture gets inside. This often happens when it rains. Another surprising source of water is through condensation in areas that are not ventilated well. Basements and attics are often culprits when it comes to this. Any sealant issues with sinks or other water sources can also contribute to the problem. Pests are good at seeking out sources of water and will find any available.

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