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How pest control companies can keep customers safe

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2020 | Business & Commercial |

Although chemicals can effectively kill insects and household pests, they can cause health problems for family members. When you start a pest control company in Alabama, take steps to ensure the products you use are safe.

These strategies can help you protect your customers while clearing their homes of bugs and creatures.

Obtain licensure

Professional pest control providers must have certification from the Alabama Department of Agriculture. You must have a high school diploma or GED and pass an examination. Taking this test ensures that you understand the public health standards required when offering pest removal services to customers.

Use registered products

You should only use pest removal formulas with a registered label from a state agriculture department or the federal Environmental Protection Agency. These agencies require registered products to list all ingredients. Give your clients complete information about the formulas you use so they can take necessary precautions.

Provide careful instructions

When providing pest removal services, give your client details about how to prepare the property for treatment. For example, they should:

  • Keep pets and children out of the treatment area during the procedure and for an appropriate amount of time afterward depending on label instructions.
  • Remove aquariums from the treatment site.
  • Take food and personal items out of the treatment area until the formula dries as indicated by the manufacturer.

Do not apply chemicals at a client’s home when they have not taken the necessary preparatory steps.

Consider integrated pest management

The EPA recommends this pest removal strategy. IPM strives to economically and effectively rid the property of pests while minimizing damage to plants, people and animals in the environment. For example, in addition to applying chemicals, this procedure involves sealing cracks through which insects enter.

Document the steps you take to keep your customers safe and healthy when you start a pest control company. Maintaining detailed information about safety procedures can protect you from legal liability if a client claims he or she got sick after pest control treatment.