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Are you familiar with these common employee grievances?

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2020 | Business & Commercial |

As a small business owner, you may not have much experience managing employees. If not, you likely are not aware of common reasons employees file HR complaints.

Forbes dives into common employee grievances. Learn how to make your employees happy while working with your organization.

Poorly defined responsibilities 

You may need to sit with current employees to ensure you agree on job responsibilities. Usually, workers employed at startup companies fill several roles, roles that may change over time. You do not want to frustrate employees by asking them to handle duties they did not sign on for.

Failing to remain transparent 

When recruiting new employees, be open and honest about your company and your practices. For instance, do not leave applicants in the dark regarding when they can expect to hear from you about a job offer. Unnecessarily withholding information may force top candidates to take their talents elsewhere.

Misalignment between employees and supervisors 

Sometimes, employees feel a gap between them and their manager. For instance, workers may not feel they can express an opinion, or they may doubt they fit with your current company culture. This is another area where full transparency serves you and your company well. Additionally, make it plain how your company measures success, employee performance and goals.

Hostile work environment 

It may shock you to learn that some of your employees feel you foster a hostile work environment. This can happen when a worker feels bullied or discriminated against. You can help prevent this from happening by holding team meetings that break down the definition of a hostile work environment and how your company prevents employees from feeling bullied or singled out.

Employee discontent may simmer just below the surface. Do your part to fizzle grievances before they become serious issues.