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Is mediation a viable option for business owners with legal disputes?

The answer to today’s above-posed blog headline query can be quickly and definitively answered, especially from the perspective of small businesses facing legal challenges.

In a word, it is this: Yes. As a so-called “alternative dispute resolution” process for addressing and resolving disputes, mediation can offer many distinct advantages to company principals seeking to secure optimal legal outcomes without the necessity of going to trial.

Adversarial litigation played out in court is, after all, an often stressful proposition. In fact, mediation routinely confers many and varied benefits on participants, with the following upsides often being on display:

  • Notably cheaper costs than those incurred in a lawsuit
  • Quicker resolution enabling a return to business normalcy
  • Enhanced civility secured through a supportive environment
  • Parties’ greater autonomy and control over the process
  • Avoidance of adverse publicity (mediation is often a distinctly private process)
  • Post-resolution retention of good will between participants

Those bulleted benefits and additional pluses make the ADR process and mediation specifically a compelling choice for many company decision makers searching for a mechanism to optimally resolve significant legal problems.

How does the business mediation process work?

An Alabama business principal seeking to know more about business mediation might reasonably want to contact a law firm with proven acumen regarding the process. That often translates to legal offices with a trained pool of mediators and attorneys otherwise broadly skilled in ADR proceedings (e.g., arbitration and collaborative law). Slaten Law attorneys act as both mediators and advocates for individual parties in mediation matters.

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