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Do you know these common building code violations?

You love your home in Alabama, but a few recent issues make you wonder if the construction crew you originally hired messed up. Could you be the victim of a building code violation?

To help you determine if you have a construction defect claim on your hands, see what says about common residential building code violations. Find out whom to blame for your home ownership woes.

Failing to test older materials

If your home had older materials that construction workers sanded, cut, disposed of or scraped, the existence of asbestos or lead paint may put you and your family at risk. The law regulates the proper way to throw out old materials to prevent exposure, but perhaps your construction team disregarded those laws. Your local building authority may help you test for harmful materials and trace their source.

Neglecting to add an egress window to a basement room

Perhaps you had the remodeling or construction company build a spare bedroom in your basement. If so, building codes dictate that basement rooms have a window large enough for an adult to crawl through. You want an egress window in case a fire or a similar hazard breaks out in the basement and anyone down there needs to escape.

Working without proper permits

Maybe you first suspected a building code violation because you want to sell your home and learned from a home inspector that the professionals you hired to work on your home did not have the right permits. Without the proper permits, you do not know for sure whether the crew’s work passes the latest safety and energy- and water-conservation regulations.

Understand the reason for your home construction confusion. The professional you hired years ago may bear responsibility.