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What are the risks of using timber for construction?

As an Alabama homeowner, you want the building materials used to create your home to last for years and offer you as little trouble as possible. Many of the state’s homebuilding contractors use timber, which is usually a reliable material. However, Science Direct notes that while timber usage for home construction has increased, around 55% of construction companies have limited experience with its usage, and this may lead to certain issues with the resulting build.

Some construction services may use timber in their construction without having the proper awareness of the issues it may cause. No matter the age of your home, remaining aware of some potential problems with using this material may help you identify defective construction issues.

Strength limitations

One problem timber may cause in your home’s construction is possible weakness. Some types of timber may warp or bend under wet conditions and cause a variety of problems, such as:

  • Cracking or splintering beams
  • Shifting wood panels
  • Failure to bear weight

These strength limitations may affect the quality of your home and cause defects that require major reconstruction.

Lack of design knowledge

Because some Alabama contractors have limited knowledge of timber use in home construction, this may cause certain defects that may not become apparent until after the home is complete. Excess moisture, for example, may rot timber and introduce the presence of insect pests, such as termites. Over time, rotted wood further affected by chewing insects could cause partial area collapses, such as on your porch or patio.

Some Alabama contractors may have more awareness of the problems timber could present than others. Working closely with your homebuilders regarding the use of this material could prevent future problems.