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Insurance Agent Defense

Allegations of malpractice can lead to financial punishments and may jeopardize an insurance agent’s professional future. At Slaten Law, P.C., our attorneys have extensive experience defending insurance companies and their agents against malpractice claims. With offices in Montgomery and throughout the Southeast, we are equipped to provide robust defense to clients in the region.

Thorough Defense Against Malpractice Claims

Mistakes occur in all industries, including the insurance industry, but a mistake does not necessarily constitute malpractice. Our attorneys thoroughly investigate our clients’ cases to establish a strong defense against allegations of malpractice.

We have successfully resolved cases involving a broad range of malpractice claims, including:

  • Failing to provide proper insurance or adequate coverage
  • Misrepresenting policies or available coverage
  • Failing to submit a claim to an insurance carrier

Efficiently Solving Complex Malpractice Cases

We strive to reach successful outcomes to our clients’ cases in the most efficient manner possible. We first research whether alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods may be able to resolve a case. Our team has deep experience using arbitration, mediation and collaborative law techniques to help insurance agents avoid lawsuits.

When ADR is not an effective solution, our team is prepared to provide aggressive defense in court. Our lawyers bring more than 100 years of combined litigation experience in state and federal courts in Alabama and around the Southeast.

We have a comprehensive understanding of insurance law and have the knowledge to navigate the most complicated and challenging cases. Our extensive background litigating insurance cases allows us to put our clients in a better position to reach a positive outcome.

Skilled Malpractice Representation Throughout The Southeast

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