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Mental Health & Disability Law

At Slaten Law, P.C., our team of Montgomery mental health attorneys defends community mental health care providers and other service providers in Alabama and throughout the region against civil rights claims, personal injury claims, wrongful death claims and other lawsuits.

Our firm has a substantial background in mental health and disability law, having served as counsel of record for the state of Alabama in the landmark case of Wyatt v. Sawyer. Our founding partner, Clifton E. Slaten, is frequently called upon to speak on mental health issues.

Working Closely With Clients To Limit Their Liability And Risks

Most of our work in the mental health field involves defending institutions that have been accused of violating the civil and constitutional rights of patients under civil commitment or otherwise resident in their facilities. Common types of claims include:

  • Failure to observe treatment standards
  • Dehydration and malnutrition
  • Overmedication and medication errors
  • Physical and sexual abuse by employees
  • Violations of privacy rights

As a result of the insights they have gained through litigation, our attorneys are also frequently called upon to provide advice and training related to such issues as compliance with state and federal regulations, risk management, and preparing health care professionals for litigation.

Because the legal problems faced by mental health and disability service providers are unique and have attracted special attention from legislatures, courts and the general public, our firm works closely with clients to develop individually designed, proactive risk management programs.

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At Slaten Law, P.C., we are committed to protecting the interests of our clients and working to enhance the quality of care provided to consumers. To schedule a meeting with our experienced mental health lawyers, please contact our firm at 334-328-3894 or by email.